What is a Black Nitrile Glove?

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Most glove users know that nitrile gloves come in a variety of colors, which offer many practical options for all industry workers as well as individuals in the medical and dental fields. Black nitrile gloves have more to offer than just the variety of color, however. Keep reading to find out about some of the unique benefits black nitrile gloves have specifically to offer you.
More Than Just a Color
Many black nitrile gloves are constructed with material that is 30 to 50% thicker than traditional nitrile gloves, which makes them ideal for use in heavy duty industries. Nitrile also has the inherent quality of being three times more puncture resistant than natural latex, so combined with the enhanced thickness, black nitrile gloves offer an extremely high level of protection for wearers. Not only is there better protection, but since they are more durable, they become economical because wearers are able to use the same pair of gloves for a longer period of time.
Other Great Features
Black nitrile gloves are powder free. This may seem like a simple, low impact feature, but for work in industrial fields it is actually very important. Many times the powder that is put inside gloves can react negatively with the paints and finishes that industrial workers use on a daily basis.
Black nitrile gloves are constructed in a way that makes them extremely chemical resistant, even more so than your average nitrile glove. This makes them particularly suited for automotive workers because the black nitrile gloves can withstand chemicals like iodine and butane, even gasoline.
Black nitrile gloves are manufactured with some form of textured pattern on the fingers and palm of the glove. This gives wearers exceptional grip capability in both wet and dry environments.
A sometimes unrealized benefit of using and wearing black gloves is the sense of professionalism and tidiness it brings. The dark color of the gloves easily hides dirt, fluids,  grime and other substances that workers get on their hands in the course of a workday.
Black nitrile gloves are a superb option for any employees in an industrial field. Check out our inventory of black nitrile gloves here.

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