What is The Best Disposable Glove For Dairy Farming?

Posted by Melanie Predolich on

If you work in the agricultural industry, you know that gloves are a necessity for your everyday life, but which are the best option for this unique field of work? Gloves are necessary to help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and other harmful chemicals.
When working with pesticides, you need to be sure you use disposable gloves to avoid skin irritation that happens when you come into contact with these chemicals with bare hands. Nitrile gloves are the recommended type of disposable gloves for pesticides and herbicides because nitrile is inherently chemically resistant and are quite durable.
When working with cows and other livestock, you’ll need gloves to help prevent the spread of illness between animals and contamination between humans and animals. You should use a different pair of gloves for each animal that you work with. We recommend Vinyl disposable gloves for this type of task because they are super easy to take on and off, and offer adequate protection. In regards to milking cows, you should be sure that you have well-fitting gloves that are lightly powdered. This will help you to milk more efficiently and comfortably for you and the cow.
When it comes to working in more of the agricultural area with gardening and crops, it is important to protect against the various chemicals found in fertilizers. For this circumstance, there are three types of disposable gloves that rank equally when it comes to protecting against the hazards of fertilizers. Latex, nitrile, and vinyl are all great options.

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