What Kind of Protection do you Need from a Work Glove?

What Kind of Protection do you Need from a Work Glove?

In many work environments, particularly industrial ones, workers are not just focused on one tasks throughout the day. Their days are spent multitasking; switching quickly between many different tasks. Many times, moving quickly between tasks combined with insufficient work gloves cost company thousands of dollars every year when employees get injured. This means that they need to have the confidence to move and work efficiently without worrying about getting cut or having their gloves punctured. But what does that sort of protection look like? Keep reading to find out.
Performance + Comfort
One of the biggest requests by employees who must wear work gloves on a daily basis is comfort. Not only do they need gloves that will protect them from punctures and cuts, but if they’re going to wear gloves consistently, the gloves better be comfortable. Comfort is so important to workers, that they actually value it much more than protection. Most employees, if their gloves provide superb protection but lack comfort, they will modify their gloves in some way, or just remove them all together, which puts them at greater risk for injury.
With advancing glove technology, it is becoming easier for employers and managers to provide work gloves for their employees that are both comfortable and protective. There are many factors that play into a wearer’s comfort, including dexterity, fit, and tactile sensitivity. Thinner, lighter weight materials and nitrile coatings will help enhance these comfort factors. Fit is key. If a glove fits correctly, it feels like you’re not even wearing a pair of gloves; it becomes like a second skin.


This glove brings together good cut resistant protection as well as the extreme comfort that employees are looking for. The shell of the glove is constructed with a super lightweight 18 gauge Tuffalene HDPE material. This shell is cut resistant and a bright neon yellow color, which provides high visibility in dimly lit environments. It is coated with a foam nitrile on the palms and fingers, which offers wearers the high levels of grip they need in wet/oily conditions as well as when handling small parts. The lightweight nature of this gloves allows for superb fit and feel as well as breathability, enhancing the comfort of wearers. It is rated at an ANSI Cut Level 2, which means that it is suitable for many industrial applications where workers are handling sharp metal or glass or other cut hazards.

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