What PPE Should You Use For Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

We are all living in an unprecedented time in world history. Our medical professionals are on the front lines fighting the spread of this virus, and every day people are also taking precautions to protect themselves and others from catching the sickness.
You’ve likely seen people beginning to wear masks and gloves when they are outside of their homes, but what are the proper guidelines for what we should be using to protect ourselves? Below are some helpful tips when it comes to choosing what kind of gloves you should use in this unique scenario.
We recommend stocking up on disposable, medical grade exam gloves. These can usually be found in latex or nitrile materials. Nitrile is more durable, and doesn’t pose allergen threats like latex does, which is why it is our go to. Check out THESE.
These exam gloves are meant to be single use. So, when you move from one task to the next (or if the gloves get ripped or torn) you should change to a new pair. Luckily, recommendations regarding COVID-19 do not require people to double glove, which means you’ll be able to maintain dexterity and your supply will just last you that much longer!
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