What’s Our Most Popular Glove for Food Service?

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The votes are in and we have a list of our top 3 most popular types of gloves for the food service industry. Keep reading to find out all the specifics you’ll want to know about what makes these gloves shine!


#1 Industrial Vinyl


This industrial vinyl glove is revolutionary because of the way that it is engineered with advanced thinwall technology. This unique technology translates to a glove that provides extraordinary dexterity and fit, while maintaining an impressive level of durability.


These industrial vinyl gloves are a 3 mil thickness and are also powder and latex free. The thickness these offer means that you’ll experience superb puncture resistance. Powder free gloves are less of a risk working in the food service industry and latex free means that you will not suffer from allergic reactions. These are economical, which is another reason these GPX3 industrial vinyl gloves make the top of the list.


Great Glove Vinyl:

This industrial vinyl glove from Great Glove brings another super economical food service glove option. These gloves are manufactured with an advanced polyvinyl chloride formulation, making them highly durable. These gloves also have a 3.5 mil thickness, offering an enhanced level of puncture and abrasion resistance for food service workers. Similar to the first option, these gloves are powder and latex free meaning they are safe for working with food and run no risk of passing along latex allergies.


#2 Industrial Nitrile

Great Glove Nitrile:

This industrial nitrile glove is one of the most economical gloves on the market. They are ideal for light duty food service applications like delis, for example. These gloves boast a 3.9 mil thickness which offers wearers an extremely high level of puncture resistance, yet maintains a great fit to the wearers hand. Since they are nitrile, these gloves do not contain any latex proteins, eliminating the worry for allergies.


Another special feature these gloves have are a textured surface on the palms and fingers. That added texture makes these glove stand out from others. These industrial nitrile gloves have a high resistance to oil, grease, as well as chemicals which gives them a lot of versatility for use in the food service industry.


Ammex BX3D Black Nitrile:These black nitrile gloves can be purchased in bulk, 200 gloves per box, which means that you are getting an extremely economical glove because you’re saving on packing and shipping as well as storage space! Like other nitrile gloves, these do not have any latex proteins, which means there is no risk of allergies.


This glove uniquely features a micro roughened surface which enhances the glove’s grip and makes them able to transfer easily between wet and dry environments. They are also powder free, which is less irritating for wearers but is important for the safety of food service applications. These black nitrile gloves are polymer coated which makes them very easy to put on and take off. The thickness of the gloves is graduated, with the greatest thickness of 4 mil on the fingers. The palm and cuff of these gloves are 3 mil thick. This thickness makes for an extremely durable and strong glove for food service application.


#3 Industrial Latex

Great Glove Latex:

These latex gloves are not only strong, but elastic making them gloves that are extremely protective and comfortable. Because of this, they are ideal for use in light duty food service applications like food prep, general food handling, and restaurant cleaning services.


These gloves are 4.5 mil thick, again, making for some really protective food service gloves. The latex, while always having a risk of allergies, is unbeatable in its tactile sensitivity and sensitive strength. The dexterity found in latex gloves helps to reduce hand fatigue. The natural latex also means that these gloves are biodegradable!


Gloveworks Latex:

This is a premium industrial latex glove with an incredible 4.5 mil thickness, which means it is suitable for any food service application. The palm and fingers have a textured coating that enhances grip and makes these industrial latex gloves suitable for both wet and dry situations. They provide wearers superb fit and comfort as well as the all important powder free feature.


Usually when we think of latex, we think of allergy risks. These Gloveworks Latex gloves are unique in the fact that they are put through an extended leaching process during the manufacturing stage, which helps to greatly reduce the protein content. That means that these latex gloves are considered low allergen.


Bonus: Great Glove CPE

This Cast Polyethylene Hybrid Glove is an economical option for food service applications that require frequent glove changes. These CPE gloves are 300% more stretchy than vinyl and are completely recyclable. They offer 2 mil thickness which gives a moderate level of puncture resistance. CPE gloves are also powder and latex free. Uniquely, these gloves are embossed on the interior, preventing slippage on the hands and is very formfitting for high dexterity tasks.

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