Why are Disposable Gloves Getting Thinner with More Gloves Per Box?

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As many of you already know, the use of disposable gloves is widespread to nearly every industry. Disposable gloves specifically are primarily found in food service, medical, and manufacturing industries. And to narrow it down even more, disposable glove use in these industries are used frequently for short durations. With that, the cost of keeping up with disposable glove use can get quite expensive for employers.
Something you might notice as you shop for disposable gloves is that manufacturers are attempting to help reduce cost by producing gloves that are thinner and more cost effective. It is a common problem in many industries where employees are required to change their gloves with every new task, and of course in the event that gloves get ripped. When every employee is going through up to 20 gloves per day, you’re looking at significant cost savings by switching to a thinner glove.
You might be wondering, “If the glove is thinner, doesn’t that mean it won’t protect me?” While this is a valid question that many people have, you can rest assured that glove manufacturers are working hard to develop new and innovative glove designs that maintain the needed protection, while offering a much thinner glove. With this new technology and glove production, the new standard for disposable gloves has dropped to 3 mil from the previous 4-5 range. The added bonus of a thinner glove is increased flexibility and dexterity, which makes workers more willing to wear their gloves since they are still able to perform their jobs without interference.
This trend is primarily taking place with disposable nitrile gloves, which have become more widespread for their many benefits over natural latex gloves. Nitrile gloves do not have the allergy risks that latex does and nitrile does not breakdown when it comes in contact with certain chemicals as latex does. Nitrile has also proven to have better puncture resistance, making it more popular and allows it to be manufactured in a thinner style without losing its inherent protection.
If you’re looking for some great disposable gloves for a high demand work environment, check out the Eureka Nitrile gloves or the StarMed Plus Nitrile gloves. If you need Industrial grade disposable gloves , look at the FlexFit Nitrile or the X3D Black Nitrile. These gloves come in boxes of 300 gloves for the Exam grade and 200 gloves for industrial grade. Both of which will help you save cost in the long term as well as save space in your storage areas.

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