Why It’s Essential to Use Gloves in Cafeterias

Posted by Melanie Predolich on

One place where it is vital to use gloves is in cafeterias. Countless people pass through cafeterias across the country each day, which means the potential for outbreaks of foodborne illness and cross contamination is large. This is not even considering the nearly half a million people who are employed at cafeterias.
Cafeterias may just be the new market for disposable gloves, since the number of employees is so great, and each employee is required to change gloves with each new task they perform. Using gloves will help to stop the spread of food borne illnesses that can happen from uncleanliness or cross contamination between food.
The most popular glove options for use in cafeterias are vinyl and nitrile gloves. Both materials are durable to withstand moderate hazards, and neither material poses allergen related threats. Vinyl gloves offer great dexterity as they conform to your hand. Nitrile, on the other hand will conform perfectly to your hand when it reacts to body temperature. Nitrile is super puncture resistant and resistant to many common chemicals, which makes it a perfectly popular choice for use in cafeterias.

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