Why Use Different Colored Gloves in the Workplace

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Does using different colored gloves in your workplace really have a benefit? Nowadays nitrile gloves come in a rainbow of colors.
When it comes to cleanroom gloves, the industry standard is a white colored glove because any sort of contamination is easily spotted on a lighter surface. Additionally, when other colors are added to the glove material, the gloves could potentially react differently to cleanroom products and processes. While white is still the preferred color for the cleanroom, some companies may opt for a blue colored glove to provide more contrast and encourage compliance.
When working in a laboratory, it could be beneficial to assign a particular glove color to each work area in an effort to minimize cross contamination. The visual cue of different glove colors will help to prevent potential errors when it comes to cross contamination.
Many medical and health care professionals use a variety of colored gloves. One common use is to double glove, so that you have a visual cue if the first glove layer becomes damaged. If the first glove layer gets ripped or damaged, you’ll be able to see the contrast of the underlying glove color.
Dental offices sometimes use colored nitrile gloves as a fun fashion choice when the color coordinate with their scrubs. Additionally, some dental office opt for a darker colored nitrile glove because it hides the color of blood a bit better, which helps keep patients at ease.
Using darker or bright colored gloves in the food service industry can be beneficial because you’ll be able to easily see if a piece of the glove accidentally gets torn and lands in the food being prepared.

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