Why Use Hi-Vis Work Gloves?

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Typically, people think of hi-vis gloves as being used in construction zones in order for workers to be easily spotted. But the thing is, there is a major difference between neon and florescent colored materials, and true certified hi-vis material. While florescent yellows and oranges are quite visible, a hi-vis product  actually reflects light back to its source. This makes for even safer work environments with the highest level of visibility you could ask for.
Hi-Vis work gloves are the most effective in low light work environments, helping workers stay safe and stay accountable to wearing their gloves. This is important because most injuries happen in low light situations and you want to do all that you can to keep yourself and workers safe from hazards in the work place. In addition to the hi visibility, these gloves also include features that enhance puncture and cut resistance.
You should consider using hi-vis gloves in any work environment that is low light, has bad weather conditions, working at night, and anywhere you want to enhance safety awareness.
Below are some of our favorite Hi-Vis Gloves:
MaxiFlex 34-874FY Ultimate
These are micro-foam nitrile gloves which provide grip in oily and dry conditions as well as great abrasion resistance. These are also very breathable and thin, which helps maintain comfort and dexterity.


Samurai CR18NFT Hi-Vis
These gloves are also made with a foam nitrile coating that allows for excellent grip in all situations. It has an ANSI Cut Level rating of 2, which means that they can withstand minor abrasions and cuts.


MaxiFlex Ultimate 34-8014 Orange Hi-Vis
These gloves have a micro-cup finish as well as micro foam nitrile coating which makes for an excellent grip in most situations. They are thin and breathable making them able to be worn for long periods of time.


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