Will Cold Weather Gloves Keep Your Hands Warm All Day?

Posted by Melanie Predolich on

With winter upon us, for individuals who work outside, it may be at the forefront of your mind as to how you can ensure that your hands stay safe and warm throughout these cold weather work days.
There are certain tips and precautions you can follow in order to maximize the length of time that your hands will stay warm while working outside.
Stay Away from Cotton: When looking for a cold weather work glove, you should avoid gloves that are made from cotton. Cotton is an awful insulator because once it gets wet, it loses all it’s ability to keep you warm. Rather than cotton, select gloves that are manufactured from a synthetic fiber. If you’re really wanting to stick with a natural material, opt for wool rather than cotton.
Avoid Water: When you’re working outside in the winter, it is likely that you’ll encounter ice, snow, or snow melt. It is best to avoid having your hands submerged or in contact with this type of cold moisture because your hands will become colder so much quicker. If your job or task requires you to be in contact with cold moisture, then you should certainly find cold weather work gloves that are waterproof.
Consider Thinsulate: There is an excellent trademarked material called Thinsulate which offers extremely great insulation in a relatively thin glove, which allows wearers to maintain dexterity. Thinsulate is manufactured from a variety of different polymers and truly allows your hands to stay warm and dry. Consider purchasing cold weather work gloves made with this material for the best bang for your buck.
Remember your Fingertips: The tips of your fingers often get colder quicker because not as much blood flows to them, especially in cold weather. Many gloves are constructed in a way that the internal heat from your glove to escape out of the seams around the finger tips. We would suggest finding cold weather work gloves with additional lining or support around the seams, in order to maximize the warmth.

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