Winter Work Gloves, Features to Consider when Buying

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Winter is upon us, which means its time to start thinking about what type of gloves you’ll be needing to get your hands in for the duration of the cold weather season.  Day in and day out, the cold weather can really take a toll on your skin, and can create even more risk for potential hazards while working. It becomes dangerous when you don’t have proper gloves because your hands can get too cold and become numb, which means it can become very difficult to maneuver tools and other equipment. When you’re shopping around for great winter work gloves, keep an eye out for some particular features that will help keep you protected and comfortable throughout the winter.
One of the first and most important features that you need in a good winter work glove is an interior lining. This lining is imperative to wearers because it helps to keep your hands warm and comfortable, which in turn helps you work more efficiently and safely. It is important that your lining needs to block water and cold from infiltrating and prevent loss of body heat.
The next important feature to make sure you have in your winter work glove is water repellence. When you have to work every day in the wet, slush, snow, and wind it is vital to have gloves that repel any sort of cold liquid so that your hands stay dry while you’re working.
The one problem that arises when you need a well insulated winter work glove, is that they can tend to be quite bulky, which can certainly interfere with handling tools and equipment. So, it is important to find a glove that maintains a good bit of flexibility and range of motion so that the glove does not interfere with your work.
One of our favorite new winter work glove options is the MaxiDry 56-451 because it incorporates all of these important features. Check it out on your search for the perfect winter work glove.

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