With Summer in Full Swing, So is Hair Coloring

Posted by Melanie Predolich on

Summer time is here, which brings fresh inspiration for ladies across the country to bring a little variety to their hairstyles. 2017 boasts many bold hair color trends like blorange, bronde, rose, millennial pink, and sun buns. Many of these trends feature light and airy blonde hues, different shades of pink, and even contrast between darker roots and lighter on the bottom. Nowadays, if you can dream it, your hair stylist can do it. These color trends are getting more bold and exciting, which means if you’re a hair stylist, your chair will probably be full all season.
In order to achieve these daring color combinations, hair stylists must use many different dyes, chemicals and techniques, often over long periods of time. The chemicals found in the products hair stylists use make it essential to find a disposable glove that will stand up to the task.
Two of the best types of disposable gloves that should be used in your salon are vinyl gloves or black nitrile gloves. Vinyl gloves provide adequate protection against the products used on a daily basis in a salon, and the black nitrile option helps to disguise the discoloration on the gloves that takes place from using a variety of hair dyes and colors.
No matter what trend your clients gravitate towards, you can be sure that this summer will bring a wave of business, so be sure to stock up on your disposable gloves today!

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