Work Gloves for Construction

Work Gloves for Construction

When it comes to selecting work gloves for use at a construction site, there are three main categories that you might shop from. We’ve rounded up our top picks for each category.


General Purpose Lightweight Work Gloves:


Tsunami Grip 500 NFT Nitrile Coated Work Glove: This glove is constructed with a 15-gauge nylon shell, making it super lightweight. It also features a foam nitrile coating that offers wearers an excellent grip in wet and dry conditions while maintaining the finger sensitivity you need to perform intricate tasks. They are also super well-fitting and are breathable, making them easy to wear for a long day of work.

Maxiflex Ultimate 34-874 Nitrile Grip Work Glove: This glove is another great option that you could wear all day because they are constructed to keep your hands dry and cool during extended wear. They achieve this through the patented micro-foam nitrile coating that offers 360° breathability. Not only that, but this glove is engineered to be 25% thinner than other comparable gloves on the market. The fingertips are constructed using some of the latest knitting technology, leaving the glove fingertips smooth, for optimal fingertip sensitivity. They offer excellent grip in wet, dry, and oily conditions and are silicone free.


Leather Work Gloves:


Premium Natural Grain Cowhide Leather Work Gloves: These are super tough gloves constructed from all-natural grain cowhide leather. They feature a reinforced palm patch and a keystone thumb, which increase the durability of these gloves. The natural grain leather is super smooth and offers wearers a very comfortable and well-fitting glove. These leather gloves have an elastic closure which increases safety and comfort.


Premium Natural Grain Goatskin Leather Work Gloves: These goatskin leather work gloves feature a very supple leather that contains natural lanolin, which keeps these gloves feeling very soft and comfortable. Goatskin leather is inherently durable and has great tensile strength and great tactile sensitivity. They are constructed with a reinforced palm patch and keystone thumb.


Impact Resistant Work Gloves:


Vice Gripster Impact Resistant Work Glove: This glove is constructed with a patented material that is seam free, Tuffalene HDPE shell. These gloves have a nitrile flat double dipped Mach Finish that gives superb grip in wet, dry, and oily conditions. This double dip finish also enhances the abrasion resistance of these gloves and increases the longevity and durability of these gloves. The impact protection is made from silicone and helps protect the back of your hand and fingers while on the job while remaining flexible. There is also a reinforced thumb crotch and this glove is rated at an A5 level of cut resistance, which means that it can withstand pretty significant cut and puncture hazards. And finally, this glove features a Velcro hook and loop closure that provides the wearer with a custom, snug fit.


Boss Barbarian Nitrile Coated Impact Resistant Work Glove: This is a hi-vis glove with a soft and flexible impact protection on the back of your hands and fingers. The TPR protection has a sandy finish that absorbs any excess oil to enhance your grip. The shell rates at an ANSI cut level 3, which means it can withstand moderate cut and puncture hazards.

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