Working In One of the Most Dangerous Industries, Meat and Poultry Processing: How to Stay Safe

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The meat and poultry processing industry is one of the most profitable segments of the agriculture industry and it is also one of the most difficult segments of the industry to implement safety procedures
To begin establishing a strong safety procedure and expectation, it is first important to assess potential hazards. In this industry the use of sharp blades, knives, saws, and other tools are required for almost every task. If you don’t use proper personal protective equipment, you risk very serious injuries or even death.
It is really important to keep all of your employees trained on proper safety procedures. In this industry employee turnover can be very high, so ensure you have simple and impactful safety procedures in place. Another area where there is a high risk of injury is in the processing lines where employees are forced to work at a fast pace in close quarters and run the risk of injuring each other with the knives they use.
Another very common risk of injury is RSI, or Repetitive Stress Injury. This can happen to many employees in the meat and poultry processing field because they repeat the same sort of action over and over throughout their shift.
In order to mitigate injury, it is important to exercise the affected areas on a regular and consistent basis, protect it in a splint, and be sure to utilize the proper personal protective equipment like strong cut resistant gloves.

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