Introducing the All New StarMed Rose

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This week we are introducing a new, exciting product, the StarMed Rose. The name “rose” fits perfectly for this bright and cheerfully colored glove; it is sure to brighten any work environment including dental offices, doctors offices, and even the emergency room.
Primary Features
The key feature that this new glove has to offer is that the nitrile is coated with Aloe and Vitamin E. This special coating is soothing to the wearers hands and helps to prevent and alleviate skin irritation. In addition to this excellent feature, the formulation and manufacturing of this glove offers wearers an enhanced level of protection, comfort as well as tactile sensitivity.
These particular gloves also offer a packaging that features Smart Dispense Technology, Single Glove Delivery. This unique style of packaging reduces the amount of wrinkles found on the glove, allowing for more gloves (up to 200) to fit in a single box, and offers greater efficiency in dispensing one glove at a time.

StarMed Rose


Additional Features and Benefits
Combined with all of the wonderful features discussed above, these StarMed Rose gloves still provide the level of chemical and puncture resistance that you need from a nitrile glove.
Just as all nitrile gloves, the StarMed Rose does not contain natural rubber latex, which eliminates the allergic episodes many people experience when using disposable gloves. These gloves are also powder free, which contributes to the ease of wear and comfort for glove users.
If you or your employees already use nitrile gloves in your work environment, it would be an excellent choice to make the switch to StarMed Rose. Most disposable nitrile gloves are single use, and working in a medical field requires frequent glove changes. These gloves are economically packaged, saving you money and the Aloe and Vitamin E coating is rejuvenating to the skin, saving your skin.

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