Cut Resistant Gloves with Touchscreen Compatibility

Cut Resistant Gloves with Touchscreen Compatibility

With the rapid increase in technology in the work place, even in factories and manufacturing plants where cut resistant work gloves are used, touch screen compatibility has never been a more important feature to have in gloves.
It is super important to find work gloves that offer the protection you need but that also allow you to be efficient in your work by allowing you to utilize technology. When workers have to remove gloves to use a touch screen device and then put their gloves back on, it slows down the process of completing the task, which means that profit is lost in the long run. This process also gives more room for error, injury, and cross contamination.
Glove manufacturers are realizing the importance of combining these two features into one glove: cut resistance and touch screen compatibility. It increases safety and efficiency. Check out our two current favorites.

G-Tek 16-X580 Polykor Xrystal Cut Resistant Touch Screen Work Glove:

This is an incredible work glove! It is constructed with a state of the art engineered yarn called Xrystal, which is a material that is made with naturally hardened crystalized minerals, creating a super tough and durable glove that is still super lightweight. It rates at an ANSI Level 5 cut resistance, which means it can withstand some pretty heavy duty environments. The glove is then finished in a NeoFoam coating on the fingertips and palm, which gives super grip in wet and dry conditions as well as abrasion resistance. And of course, the glove is engineered to be touch screen compatible.

G-TEK® POLYKOR X7 16-368

The shell of this glove is made from PolyKor, created with a technology that results in a glove that is ultra thin, yet durable and rates as a cut resistance level of ANSI 3. The glove is coated with NeoFoam on the palm and fingertips which provides excellent grip in all conditions as well as abrasion resistance. Not only are these gloves touch screen compatible, but they are chemical resistant, washable, and resistant to UV light and water.


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