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Global Glove S55G String Knit Work Glove / Glove Liner

Global Glove S55G String Knit Work Glove / Glove Liner

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Have more comfort and warmth in your favorite disposable glove, dipped glove, chemical handling glove or just keep your hands warmer and drier. These medium weight cotton/Poly gloves fit comfortably inside your disposable gloves, work gloves or can be used as a stand alone utility glove. Available in women's  small and Men's large.


  • Sold as One Dozen Pair package
  • Available in Size Small and Large
  • Soft and Comfortable - For less hand fatigue 
  • Keeps hands warm and dry
  • Cotton/Polyester blend
  • Machine Washable - Saves you money!



  • Can be used as a utility glove or as a liner under disposable nitrile, vinyl or latex gloves
  • A liner under leather drivers gloves, chemical handling safety gloves and general purpose work gloves. 

You may want to select outer gloves one size larger than normal to accommodate cotton glove liners.


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