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GVS N31000 Fully Adjustable N99 Respirator

GVS N31000 Fully Adjustable N99 Respirator

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 Features & Benefits of the GVS N31000 Respirator:

The GVS N31000 Adjustable N99 Respirator is a comfortable and durable N99 mask, with adjustable nose clip and straps for a superior fit. Each mask is Individually wrapped 15 per box and 10 boxes per case . There are two main classes of filtering facepieces the N95 & N99. The GVS N31000 Segre is in one of the highest classifications for a mask, N99. In order to achieve this classification, tests are performed on the mask to measure its filtering efficiency and the maximum level of inward leakage. The mask is also subjected to breathing resistance and skin compatibility tests. All Segre masks are NIOSH approved.

Specification & Testing pdf.

  • Sold as one box of 15 masks
  • Made In USA
  • Filter efficiency exceeds 99% & BFE 99.9%
  • 99% protection against dust, mist, and fumes (including viruses such as Covid 19)
  • The fit factor of 100 (meaning the mask seals to the face to avoid wearer and exposed people to get contaminated)
  • No exhalation valve (to protect both the wearer and exposed people)
  • Foldable to fit in a pocket
  • Fluid Resistant
  • One size with adjustable straps to fit every face
  • Nose clip and foam comfort strip to improve sealing
  • Aluminum nose piece (MRI Safe)
  • Latex Free
  • Mechanical PTFE membrane filter
  • Electrostatic pre-filter

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