Dental Gloves for the Modern Day Practice

Dental Gloves for the Modern Day Practice

As  your dental practice grows and improves in this day and age, one thing stays the same, you’ll need dependable and reliable gloves to get the job done. There are many medical grade nitrile and latex gloves on the market, which can be overwhelming at times. We want to highlight a few of our favorite gloves that are excellent options for your dental practice.
Latex Dental Gloves
One of our best selling disposable latex gloves is the SkinTx powder free version. This is a 5 mil glove which is perfect for dental offices because it provides optimal protection against any bacteria transmission. Since they are powder free, they are instead chlorinated and coated with polymer which makes it very easy to don and doff them. Another superb feature is that this latex is textured all over, which makes for an excellent level of grip and dexterity, especially when dealing with small tools and delicate tasks.

A more luxurious latex option is the BestTouch exam gloves which deliver on everything you’d expect from a disposable latex glove; dexterity, flexibility, protection against punctures and germs. But these gloves are specially engineered with an inner coating of aloe and Vitamin E. Not only do these help the hands of dentists and dental hygienists from becoming dry or irritated, but the vitamin E also acts as an antioxidant with an extra level of protection for your hands. If you’re looking for a glove that is both extremely practical and comfortably luxurious, look no further.
Nitrile Dental Gloves
These Celeste nitrile dental gloves boast a unique feature that is perfect for your dental practice. They are uniquely anatomically engineered to reduce muscle fatigue while you’re working for long periods of time with concentrated and specific movements. In addition, they still provide the necessary protection you need as a dentist as well as the comfort you hope for. Another excellent feature is that these gloves have textured finger tips which greatly increases your ability to grip all of the small and delicate tools used on a daily basis in the dental office.
For a fun and feminine twist for all you female dentists and dental hygeinists, try the StarMed Rose nitrile gloves. In addition to everything you’ve come to except from a disposable nitrile exam glove, this Rose version features a bright pink hue and an aloe and vitamin E interior coating to keep your hands smooth and without irritation.

Disposable Gloves for the High Volume Dental Practice
The StarMed Plus nitrile exam gloves are ideal for high volume dental offices because each box comes packed full with 300 gloves. These are the thinnest, most elastic, and strongest disposable nitrile glove you can find on the market today. Which means, you’re getting the most bang for your buck when you purchase a box of these gloves which offer exceptional dexterity and tactile sensitivity.
These Eureka Powder Free nitrile exam gloves are another economical choice for high volume dental offices because you can also purchase 300 count boxes. Similar to other gloves we mentioned earlier in the blog, these Eureka gloves are designed specially to reduce muscle fatigue. They offer wearers superb dexterity and strength, and extraordinary grip with textured finger tips.

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