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If you work in any sort of food processing job, especially fish processing, you know how important it is to use gloves when handling food. Gloves provide a barrier of protection for all involved. Gloves protect against cross contamination and the spread of foodborne illness as well as from minor cuts and abrasions.
In the fish processing industry, workers are often working in cold conditions, like a large indoor fridge or freezer and so the most common glove combination is to wear a cotton or wool glove as a barrier from the cold, with a disposable nitrile glove on the outside to protect against any sort of contamination. Nitrile has become the industry standard, and the most popular choice for a disposable glove because it doesn’t have any of the risks of allergic reactions like it’s counterpart, latex, and nitrile is more durable and inherently resistant to chemicals. If you don’t want to do the double glove set up, you can also find some heavy duty waterproof gloves what will offer all the protection you need.
We’ve rounded up some of our top choices for gloves to use in fish processing below.
Frogwear Waterproof Triple Dipped Gloves: These waterproof gloves have a 12 inch cuff, which means they provide excellent coverage and they have a sandpaper grip that helps enhance grip when working in wet conditions. They are waterproof and have a seamless cotton liner that helps to mitigate cold and keep you comfortable.
MaxiDry Fully Dipped Liquid Repellant Glove: These are a super lightweight nitrile coated glove. The nitrile coating offers excellent grip and abrasion resistance and the seamless nylon liner offers comfort for wearers. Because it is liquid repellant, you can go into any circumstance with confidence.
Gloveworks HD Green Nitrile Work Gloves: These disposable nitrile gloves are a bright green color which helps to increase employee compliance. They have a nice thick texture on the palm and fingers which offer excellent grip in wet an doily conditions. They are super durable and will protect against many chemicals as well as against punctures and abrasions. They are form fitting, which means they’ll offer great comfort as well.
Care On Nitrile Exam Gloves: These bright orange disposable nitrile gloves have great strength and durability against punctures, abrasions, and chemicals. They have a completely micro textgured surface that gives wearers super grip and allows you to be confident in any circumstance.

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