Cut Resistant Gloves that Protect from Cuts and Other Injuries

Cut Resistant Gloves that Protect from Cuts and Other Injuries

When it comes to working industrial jobs, it is important to choose the best cut resistant gloves that will protect you and your employees from injuries. There are many different cut resistant gloves that offer a variety of features including hi-vis and excellent grip coating. With all the options available to you, you should be able to find the perfect cut resistant glove to suit your needs.


Samurai CR18NFT Hi-Vis Cut Resistant Grip Glove

This cut resistant glove features a seamless knit with an ANSI cut level rating of 2. The fingers and palm of the glove is coated with a foam nitrile which offers wearers exceptional gripping ability in oily and wet conditions as well as for jobs that require the handling of small objects. Not only that, but this glove is high visibility, with its bright neon yellow color, and is also light weight and breathable, which means that it is perfect for jobs that require you to wear gloves for an extended period of time. This is a good multipurpose cut resistant gloves that is suitable for protecting against minor cuts and abrasions.


G-Tek 3GX 19-D322 Dyneema Polyurethane Cut Resistant Gloves

This Polyurethane coated cut resistant work glove boasts a 13 gauge shell with a polyurethane coating on the fingers and palm of the glove. This lightweight seamless construction offers wearers exceptional comfort free of irritation. These gloves have an ANSI cut level rating of 3, which means that they are suitable for moderate to heavy cut and abrasion resistance. The polyurethane coating provides a superb level of grip and tactile sensitivity in a wide range of conditions, but they are also well fitting so that wearers are able to maintain dexterity and tactile sensitivity.



These seamless constructed, hi visibility cut resistant work gloves are just the hi vis gloves you’ve been looking for. They are finished with a hi vis orange mach finish on the palms and fingers, which provides the dexterity you need along with the ANSI cut resistant level 4 that makes these gloves perfect for heavy duty industrial situations with high cut and puncture hazards. The orange foam nitrile dip on the palm and fingers of this glove enhances the grip especially for oily environments. Because of their high cut resistance, grip, and dexterity, these cut resistant work gloves are ideal for use in metal fabrication, construction, or any industry where workers handle sharp or abrasive objects.

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