The New GVS Elipse SPR473 & SPR472 OV + AG/P100 Respirator

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This is week two of new respirators here at Your Glove Source. Today we’re checking out a the new GVS Elipse Respirator with added Organic Vapor Plus Acid Gases filters.
This respirator is constructed to be compact and ultra-lightweight, which increases comfort for users. The replaceable filter used in this respirator is able to capture 99.97% of airborne particles, which is an astounding amount of efficiency. Not only will this respirator protect you from airborne particles, but organic vapor, acid gases, metal fumes, dust, as well as oil and water mists.
It is created to be super durable, constructed from a hypoallergenic polymer material that is flexible enough to conform to your face, offering a dependable and confident seal. You can also be sure that the respirator fits properly because there are two adjustable headbands that customize the fit. Additionally, there is an exhalation valve which is a great feature that allows the wearer to breath easily and prevents safety glasses from getting foggy.
The two long lasting, replaceable filters offer low breathing resistance, which encourages prolonged use. The filters as well as the mask can be stored for up to 3 years. The OV + AG/P100 filter found in this respirator is perfectly suited for use in the automotive and manufacturing industries. The filter can protect against pesticides, paint vapor, and a variety of solvents and chemicals.
The two model numbers: SPR473 and SPR466 simply designate difference in sizes. The SPR472 model is a Medium/Large size, which fits 75% of users. The SPR466 is a Small/Medium size.

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