Tsunami Grip Gloves

Tsunami Grip Gloves

The Tsunami Grip family of gloves provide a well rounded spectrum of protective work gloves for any situation. Keep reading to find out about some of our favorites.
Tsunami Grip 500G Lightweight Nitrile Coated Work Glove
The lightweight construction of this glove makes it very popular for general use across many applications. Some of the specific features this glove has include a single dipped nitrile coating and super light nylon shell. This glove also boasts a Mach Finish, which offers superb grip and abrasion resistance. We like this glove because it is especially economical, its comfortable and breathable, and it is suitable for numerous applications.


Our pro tip: This glove runs a bit larger than some other coated nitrile work gloves, so try ordering a size smaller than what you normally would. Click here to check them out.

Tsunami Grip CR609 Tuff Hybrid Cut Resistant Nitrile Grip Work Glove
This heavy-duty work glove brings true strength to nitrile work gloves. This glove is constructed with an aramid fiber, called Aralene. These super tough fibers make these gloves highly cut resistant as well as maintain needed dexterity. The coating on this glove is a chemical foam nitrile which offers wearers excellent grip in oily and wet applications.

Our pro tip: We sell these gloves by the pair, and we know you’ll love them so much you’ll want to wear them every single day. We recommend investing in a three pair pack of these gloves, and since these gloves can be thrown in the washing machine, you will always have a spare pair of clean gloves. Click here to check them out.

Tsunami Grip 590 ¾ Dipped Black Nitrile Over Fully Dipped Blue Nitrile
These are a unique pair of gloves because they feature a double dipped nitrile coating. First, this glove starts out with a 15-gauge nylon shell and is then fully dipped in a thin blue nitrile, and finally ¾ dipped in black nitrile.

The construction and finishing of this glove makes it super durable and sturdy. The coatings make for a liquid repellant, grip-able glove and enhanced knuckle protection for tough jobs. The high level of grip ability makes these gloves perfect for any wet or oily condition. Not only are these gloves extremely durable, but also they are still really comfortable and breathable. See them here.

Tsunami Grip 500NFT Nitrile Coated Work-Safety Glove with Black/Gray Finish 15-Gauge Nylon Shell
This glove has become one of our customer favorites because these gloves offer a high level of fit, comfort, and sensitivity. They are 15-gauge glove which makes them a lightweight yet strong and protective work glove.

The foam/air injected nitrile coating on the palm of the glove offers wearers superior grip and handling capabilities in all environments including wet and dry. Another reason this glove is becoming so popular is because of its great versatility. It is suitable for use in parts assembly, construction, automotive, food processing, and even gardening. Click here to check them out.
Tsunami Grip 500MF Nitrile Coated Work Glove with Black Mach Finish and 13-Gauge Nylon Shell
This Tsunami Grip glove is unique because it is constructed with a double dipped Mach Finish nitrile coating. This double dipping processes adds another layer of nitrile, which enhances the longevity and durability of this particular glove.

The Mach Finish is also special because it provides wearers excellent grip and precision handling capabilities, as well as abrasion resistance. These gloves are breathable and comfortable, yet durable enough for any domestic or industrial application. Click here to check them out.

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