What Are Glove Liner’s and What are They Used For?

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Glove liners are a thin glove that you wear underneath another pair of gloves. Typically they are cotton, and are helpful to add an extra layer of protection while wearing other gloves. While many people where them in the winter months for an extra layer of insulation, they can really be worn throughout the year to help absorb moisture.
One of the main things they help do is protect your hand against irritation from the inside of your glove. When using disposable latex or nitrile gloves, many people use cotton liners underneath to help minimize skin irritation. Some glove liners are also thermal, for extra warmth and others are constructed with cut resistant materials for jobs that require cut and puncture resistance.
Here are some of our favorites:
Cotton Liners: These are perfect for use under disposable latex, vinyl, and nitrile gloves.
String Knit: These liners will help you stay very comfortable and warm underneath any glove, whether they are disposable or nitrile dipped work gloves. They could even stand alone as a utility glove.
Self-Wicking Thermal Glove: These are great thermal gloves because they wick moisture away from your skin keeping you dry and comfortable.
Cut Resistant: These liners have an ANSI level 4 cut resistance which means that you can wear them underneath any pair of gloves for an added level of protection against cuts and punctures. These are also frequently used as a stand alone cut resistant work glove.
No matter what type of glove you wear on a regular basis, you can use a pair of liners underneath to enhance your comfort and protection.

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