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What are Some of the Best Latex Free and Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

With so many choices of nitrile gloves on the market we would like to share some insights of three exceptional latex and powder free nitrile gloves that will be your go to glove for virtually any application; industrial or general purpose use.

Since all of these gloves are a perfect combination of strength, durability, and comfort, they can be used in automotive, manufacturing, janitorial or sanitation services, plumbing, chemical, paint shops, and many more areas.

The other overarching benefit to all three of these gloves is that they are latex free. As many of you know, this means that there is no risk of allergic reactions or hazards with these gloves. In addition, each glove is designed to be powder free, meaning they won’t interfere with any adhesives or solvents that may be used while wearing them.

Side by Side comparison







CareOn Nitrile Exam Gloves


5-6 mil

Micro Textured

Dental, Medical, Automotive, Foodservice, Tattoo, EMT

Gloveworks Heavy Duty Orange Nitrile Gloves


8 mil

Aggressive Diamond Texture

Paint, Automotive, Chemical, Janitorial

Glove Plus GPNB Black Nitrile


5-6 mil

Micro Textured

Automotive, Plumbing, Manufacturing


CareOn Nitrile Exam Gloves   

These super popular gloves are designed specifically with comfort and safety in mind. They are a hi-vis glove, with their bright orange hue. This color actually helps these to be more safe, because it helps everybody’s hands be more visible as employees move around equipment and the work environment.

The 6mil thickness offers a superb level of protection against punctures and abrasion, and is quite durable. The entire glove is covered with a micro texture, which means you can be confident handling small items and working in wet or oily conditions. In addition, these orange nitrile gloves have a high level of resistance to chemicals, oils and grease.


Gloveworks Heavy Duty Orange Nitrile Gloves       

These gloves are best known for their aggressive diamond texture, which provides some of the best wet and dry gripping ability on the market. You can securely handle small or delicate tools and dive into environments that are wet, greasy, or even dry.

Its bright orange color and hefty 8 mil thickness means this heavy duty nitrile glove will stand up in even the most harsh conditions. Its polymer coating adds to the durability and strength that you find with these gloves.


GlovePlus GPNB Black Nitrile                 

This glove boasts a greater thickness across the entire glove, which unbelievably offers 20% more protection against punctures and abrasions. On the fingers, you will find a 6 mil thickness, on the palm 5 mil, and the cuff of the glove is a thickness of 4 mil. In contrast to the two orange gloves we’ve just talked about, this sleek and professional looking black nitrile glove is great for messy environments. The black color of the glove naturally camouflages any stains, residue, or grim that may find their way onto your gloves while working.

These gloves also offer great gripping ability with an overall textured surface, allowing you to work effectively in any environment. They are also designed to be highly resistant to chemicals and oils.

Whichever of the three gloves you choose, you’ll be going forth with exceptional comfort and protection in whichever industry environment you may find yourself.

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