When It Comes to Safety: What’s the Best Nitrile Glove to Choose?

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No matter what industry or company you work for, employee safety is of upmost concern.  People are always working to minimize potential hazards that come from using equipment and tools or biological agents.
One of the best ways to protect against many different types of hazards is by using disposable gloves. There are two main types of disposable gloves: latex and nitrile. Nitrile is becoming the glove material of choice because it is stronger and more durable than latex and it also doesn’t hold any of the allergic reaction risk that latex does.
There are three key features to look for when it comes to choosing a great nitrile glove: resistance, texture, and visibility.
A good thick nitrile glove will give proper resistance to many chemicals and minor puncture hazards. Nitrile is inherently resistant to many chemicals like common pesticides and break fluids. If possible, find disposable nitrile gloves that are made with butadiene rubber because it is even stronger and more chemically resistant than ordinary nitrile.
Many disposable nitrile gloves are manufactured with a diamond texture on the fingers and palms of the glove. This added texture helps to increase the wearers grip in wet and oily conditions. It also is particularly helpful for people who have to work with small or fine tools.
If you work in an environment that is dark or dimly lit like an auto garage, it is important that you try to find brightly colored disposable nitrile gloves. The added visibility from these bright colors ultimately leads to a greater level of compliance.
It is always important to use personal hand protection whether you work in an industrial setting, food service, or medical environments. This will help you and your employees to significantly reduces the risk of injury, contamination, and illness.

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