Some Great Gardening Gloves

Some Great Gardening Gloves

With summer upon us, that means gardening season is in full swing. As you head out to your flowerbeds, make sure that you have the best gloves for the job, so that your hands can stay well protected. When it comes to gardening gloves, they are typically made of a thin cotton material, or a cumbersome leather. The cotton material is too thin to provide any real protection, and are not very durable, and the thick leather gloves don’t allow for much dexterity and fine handling.
We hope to help you find a middle ground between durability and breathability in your next pair of gardening gloves. This article will talk about a few excellent options for your summer gardening needs.
MaxiFlex Ultimate Nitrile Grip Work Gloves
One of the great features about this glove is that it is lightweight and breathable. You could spend the whole day in the garden and forget you’re even wearing gloves because of the high level of comfort these gloves have. Because of this excellent breathability as well as their tactile sensitivity, these nitrile gardening work gloves are quickly becoming some of the most popular gardening gloves on the market.

The nitrile coating provides two important features: grip and puncture resistance. As a gardener, when handling different tools, plants, and seeds, it is vital to have good grip ability so that you are able to perform safely and efficiently. When working with sharp garden tools, tomato cages, or thorny bushes the puncture resistance offered by the nitrile coating is warmly welcomed by gardeners.
This nitrile work glove also features a knitted wrist band. While this may seem like a minor detail of the glove, it is actually very important for gardeners. When you’re digging around in the dirt, you want a snug-fitting wrist band that will prohibit any dirt, pebbles, or other debris from getting inside of your gloves.
For gardeners who seem to lose their gloves to the bushes, these gloves are extremely economical, to where you could buy a 12 pack affordably. By purchasing these gloves in bulk you always have a spare glove if one gets lost, and you can also switch them out for washing. Its always a good idea to machine wash your gardening gloves after handling chemicals or plants like poison ivy.
Tsunami Grip Nitrile Coated Work Gloves
This glove is almost entirely comparable to the MaxiFlex glove we just talked about. It boasts the same sort of grip, breathability, durability, and sensitivity. The main difference in this Tsunami glove is that the body of the glove is constructed from 15 gauge nylon. This offers a different hand feel than a knitted glove, but similar protection as needed for gardening. The Tsunami glove is also slightly more economical than the MaxiFlex, and still provides an excellent option for gardeners who want multiple pairs for washing rotation or for gardeners who are just prone to losing gloves.


Deerskin Leather Driver Gloves
For gardeners who have more intense thorny bushes and plants to contend with, you may need a glove that is a bit thicker than the two gloves we’ve talked about so far. Deerskin leather gloves are an excellent option for gardeners, because they are constructed of one of the most soft and supple leathers; making for an extremely comfortable glove. They are also extremely durable, and can handle getting wet without becoming stiff after drying.
The deerskin leather is able to withstand the thorns of raspberry or rose bushes, or similar plants. The leather is thick enough to offer superb protection, however it still offers great dexterity and comfort. This particular type of leather glove features a keystone thumb, which will make for a comfortable gardening session because wearers can maintain their full range of motion with this type of glove.



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