Best Disposable Gloves for Cannabis Cultivation

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Similar to working in the food industry, you need to have gloves that offer proper protection when working with cannabis. It is important to maintain the purity of the product and avoid any potential cross contamination that could be harmful to consumers in the end product.
You should be sure to purchase high quality gloves for handling cannabis because cheaper glove materials can introduce unwanted bacterial contamination to cannabis. Additionally, cheaper gloves may produce a high chemical toxicity.
A few weeks ago in one of our blogs we talked about AQL, which is a rating gloves are given to measure the “failures” of a glove, meaning how many holes are present in a glove after manufacturing that can lead to a glove being easily ripped or torn. When selecting gloves to be used in cannabis cultivation, you should select disposable gloves that are exam grade with an AQL of 2.5 or less.
We recommend using thick disposable nitrile gloves because they will offer the best protection for you against any potential chemicals or other contaminants. Below are our three top picks:
  1. Care Extra Thick Nitrile Exam Gloves: These gloves boast a 6 mil thickness and textured fingertips which offer excellent grip in all situations, especially for handling tools and leaves.
  2. Care Hi-Vis Orange Nitrile Gloves: These gloves also have a 6 mil thickness but have texture not only on the fingertips, but on the palm as well. The orange color helps with visibility and compliance. Additionally, they are powder free, which will help minimize any contamination of the plants.
  3. Powder Free Black Nitrile Exam Gloves: These are an excellent option as well; however they only have a thickness of 4 mil. They do offer textured fingertips.

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