Medical/Dental Latex Exam Gloves


As part of our range of different gloves at YGS, we offer some of the best latex medical exam gloves in the medical field. They are ideally suited to meet all your Medical and Dental needs when performing exams. Latex gloves have been the ultimate standard for years.

The latex exam gloves are well suited for health care workers and vital wherever cleanliness is needed. They also protect the user from dangerous substances and chemicals.

Health care centers and hospitals are known to be associated with a lot of contamination; this is why latex exam gloves are needed to protect both the patient and the provider from any contamination while conducting exams or medical procedures.

Latex gloves provide safety to health care workers from hazardous substances while on the job, therefore they should always be in handy. Of course, after the gloves have been used, they must be disposed of accordingly.

Latex medical exam gloves are available in different:

  • colors
  • sizes
  • thickness
  • brands

Latex gloves are cost-effective and all medical latex gloves are now powder free.

Other users of latex gloves include dentist latex gloves which are suitable for Dentist’s and auxiliary Dental professionals. Many Dental professionals still choose latex gloves over nitrile for their practice needs.

Latex gloves offer great protection and comfort to dentist while they are working on patients. Most Dentist’s spend most of the day with their fingers in patient’s mouth’s, this is why they need to protect themselves and their patients from infectious diseases.

Latex gloves are strong and puncture resistant, they are also disposable. Our gloves have been carefully selected to provide fit and comfort at a cost-effective price. Our latex gloves are some of the best high-quality latex gloves on the market today for Dentist.